Samsung Level U

Samsung Level U – Specifications, Price and Release

Samsung is one of the top respectable smartphone makers of the decade, and that’s something all of us know.  However, when it comes to the area of producing neck-styled Bluetooth headphones, the brand has still to perform drastic measures to be included among the finest producers.  As a great start to extend their top-notch device portfolio, Samsung now brings us Level U.


Samsung Level U
Samsung Level U


We’ve been impressed bySOL Republic Shadow recently.  It is one Bluetooth headphone worn for style and comfort and there’s no argument on that. Now, let’s hope that Level U can make the cut just as how Republic Shadow did.


Out of the package, we can see 4 items—the headphone itself, microUSB cable, 3 sets of ear gels and the quick start guide.  The headphone itself is athin but sturdy band shaped in letter ‘U’ with ear bud attachments at the end of a dangled cable line.  The band has been coated with some rubber to sit comfortably around the user’s neck even heavy sweating.  To be neatly intact, the two buds can be joined magnetically when not in use.


Unfortunately, Level U cannot be connected via NFC but by simply pressing the Pause/Play button, it can be paired fluently with Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.  You won’t be having any problems within 20ft radius and when an email arrives, you are easily notified either via an audible or vibration.  As for the performance, you can find no problems when listening to music.  However, phone calls can be a little bit challenging since the noise suppression can barely isolate tones through the ear buds. The battery can sustain 12 hours of continuous music streaming though Samsung only claims 10 hours of it.


All in all, spending $70 is not bad enough in contrast with other offers.  You get the average audio quality experience with comfort and hey—the brand is Samsung!