Samsung Mega 2

Samsung Mega 2 price, overview, Review, release date

Most of the market share of smart phones is captured by Samsung and it is releasing prestigious phones year after year. Samsung captured most of the tablet market and it is concentrating on eliminating the other players from it.

Samsung Note, Note 2, Note 3 and Mega are considered as smart phones in the larger screen category. Note is released targeting the premium sections where as Samsung Mega is a budgetary smart phone. Yet to be released Samsung Mega 2 photos and videos got released in internet and got positive response from users. But according to our reliable sources, Samsung may officially release it on June 12th.

Samsung Mega 2
Samsung Mega 2

According to the information available, the screen of Mega 2 is slightly larger than it predecessor Samsung Mega. With approximately 7 inch screen size it may have 720 p resolution. It is expected to have Snapdragon 400 processor which is clocked at 1.2GHz. It is expected to have 1.5GB of RAM and comes with 8GB of internal storage. Samsung Mega is the largest screen so far in the mobile phone category and the Mega 2 will surpass it and may become the largest phone. These are just leaks and most of the times they become true. Note that the features of this smart phone are no yet officially released by Samsung and these specifications are also not yet confirmed by any authority.

Samsung Mega 2
Samsung Mega 2


As the previous version of Samsung Mega 2 i.e. Samsung Mega runs on Android Jellybean the updated Mega 2 may use Android KitKat. Samsung may customize its interface with its own GUI and may give options like dual screen, which is very popular in the Note series. Samsung may customize the camera interface also and may include some of the features present in the premium phones released by the same.


Samsung has lot of hopes on Samsung Mega 2 and it is promoting heavily this phone. Samsung, targeting the budgetary phone segment want to release it in a big way, which is already having loin share in it. Hope after the release it will get positive response from users and transform the hopes of Samsung into reality.