Samsung Tab A

Samsung Tab A and Tab A Plus with S Pen Stylus—Leaked Information

It looks like Samsung has some tablets getting all prepped up for this year.  Rumor has it that the South Korean device innovator is currently preparing their project and has already named the upcoming tablet series with Galaxy Tab A, Tab E and Tab J.   Sam Mobile, Samsung’s online fan site, just confirmed that we should be expecting the first of Tab A series (namely Tab A and Tab A Plus) very soon!


Samsung Tab A
Samsung Tab A

It is further stated that Samsung Tab A and A Plus are available in different variants: display-wise and connectivity-wise.  The two slates come in 8.0 and 9.7-inch alternatives, and options of sans LTE or with LTE connectivity.  Additionally, Tab A Plus comes with S Pen stylus but that does not mean that it’s going to be offered as a high-end tablet.  Getting cues from their hardware, we might just guess that both slates could be mid-rangers only and won’t cost us good bucks.


We don’t have yet the full details about resolutions as per display variant but at least one version will get the 1024x768p and 4.3 aspect ratios. The two slates share these features— Snapdragon 410 chipset, 5mega-pixel primary cam and 2MP front-facers, and 16GB internal storage.  As we can notice, little is said to differentiate the two tablets. Oh, the Random Access Memory (RAM) gives slight difference between the two as Tab A gets the 1.5GB RAM while Tab A Plus has the 2GB kind.  For battery, the 8.0-inch variant of Tab A offers a 4000mAh battery.  On the other hand, Tab A Plus is packed with 6000mAh battery.


It’s a shame that we still have to wait for the pricing and release details of these two slates.  We are also excited to know more about the other two series.  Hopefully, Sam Mobile would not let us linger in the dark for a long time.