Samsung’s First Foldable Smartphone

Samsung’s First Foldable Smartphone Expected to Come Later this Year

A few years ago, it is rumoured that Samsung was planning to manufacture phones with foldable displays, which will be released in the year 2018, a goal that the company itself has clearly considered during that time. However, HSBC Analysts recently revealed that, due to the company’s decrease in its sales, there’s a possibility that the plan will be somehow released earlier than was planned. As a matter of fact, the analysts had predicted that they will release the first of their models with that design later this year.


Samsung’s First Foldable Smartphone
Samsung’s First Foldable Smartphone


The analysts had told everyone that the company will likely introduce foldable OLED smartphones later this year in order to regain its market share. According to their observations, this will greatly boost Samsung’s smartphone business, aside from being a potential killer feature in the premium smartphone space, along with these three reasons:


1) The foldable OLED Model will provide their phones a higher degree of product differentiation.

2) It will give its customers the best of both worlds; that is, having phones or tablets with larger screen size while maintaining a smaller form, and;

3) By manufacturing a single product, the company will definitely capture a substantial amount of market share in both tablet and smartphone markets. The foldable OLED smartphones will also bolster the growth of the entire supply chain, starting from the panel and equipment makers up to material suppliers.


If the rumors are true, especially if they’re the first ones to make it, it will definitely secure their place in the smartphone market. Aside from being a geek’s dream coming to life, phones featuring these kinds of design will surely attract potential buyers and loyal customers at the same time.