Foldable phone concept

Samsung’s Project Valley – foldable smartphone, dual-screen

We are now looking forward to a smartphone with foldable ability for its dual screen.  Samsung is rumoured to be working on this piece of revolutionary technology, with patents that almost certifies the device’s appearance in the near future.  Once again, minds will be blown away and we can feel eager anticipation rising.  But not just yet as this endeavour might be far-fetched and could be cancelled any time.


Foldable phone concept
Foldable phone concept

Project Valley (also known as Project V) may be the start of new era of foldable smartphones.  If this happens, we don’t need to worry about broken or crushed screens.  We can also remember way back in 2011, the Korean device maker introduced its pilot flexible Youm panel.  It was the start of Samsung’s exploration of flexible displays such as Galaxy Note Edge.  Just recently, we have been introduced to the dual edge flagship, the Galaxy S6 Edge.


The two mentioned phones noticeably have a very limited flexibility but Project V has been envisioned as something paper-like.  Yup, it’s foldable, uber-flexible and can be rolled as a scroll.  It has also been hinted that it will support multiple gestures in switching between its dual screens.   Sound’s fun but until Samsung gives its official statement regarding this rumor, well… Project V stays as one.


Aside from this Project V by Samsung, LG is also alleged to be working on the same form factor.  Could it be that this LG device is being geared up against Samsung’s by next year (2016)?  Just last autumn, LG demonstrated an almost 6-incher smartphone display capable of 100,000 bends without any deterioration in its display quality.


Anyway, hopefully Samsung redeems itself with this project and provide us a new era of more fantastic devices.