Save Space in Your Android Phone

How to Save Space in Your Android Phone

We all know that recently, Android has released their newest version, the 6.0 Marshmallow. Most of us think that always having the latest and up-to-date OS will benefit us all. However, it’s just partly true because of two valid reasons: First is the fact that it consumes MORE STORAGE SPACE and the other one is the fact whether your smartphone in hand supports updating or not. The truth behind updates is that the programmers are adding and updating the program’s features in order to enhance user experience. This means that those ‘new or updated’ programs consume more phone and system storage space, which can make your phone suffer from lags and glitches.

Save Space in Your Android Phone
Save Space in Your Android Phone


Let’s just say that you had just upgraded your KitKat into Lollipop or Marshmallow. Unless you go to a certified technician for reprogramming, there’s no way for you to get your phone’s old program back. However, you can do some ‘adjustments’ yourself and here’s how.


  1. Remove the ‘Useless’ Apps – The latest Android OS Version usually has some new programs, programs which don’t really have any use to you. If this is the case, just delete those space-consuming apps.


  1. Transfer your Old Photos and Videos – If you’re some kind of a selfies addict, there’s a chance that a lot of selfies now starts consuming up your storage space. If this is the case, it’s much better if you transfer these into your most-loyal laptop, USB thumb drive or any other extra storage apart from your phone.


  1. Clean the System Cache – When you open a smartphone app, it immediately puts some kind of record into your phone’s system cache in order for you to open it up easily next time. This is very good if you’re frequently using an app since it does not require you to start and load it up from the beginning once again. However, you must do a regular cleaning since it fills up easily.


  1. Remove the pesky Bloatware – Bloatware is the term that is being used to describe manufacturer-specific apps that aside from usually being useless to you, it also consumes up lots of system storage space. This is the main reason why your phone becomes very slow and cramped-up.


  1. Rooting your Smartphone – Even though rooting sometimes affect the smartphone’s warranty, it helps you a lot by giving you admin privileges to remove or freeze your phone’s system apps.