Skulpt Aim

Skulpt Aim—Details, Price and Review

Gladly, technology embraces almost all aspects of modern lifestyle.  Fitness is one area that is becoming a huge concern of the modern crowd.  To help keep in track of health progress comes the various monitoring gadgets specializing in different areas such as heart beat rate, number of steps, improvement in push-ups or sit-ups…etc.   One of these monitoring devices is Skulpt Aim, a gadget meant to accompany muscle building enthusiasts to help them keep track of their goal development or relapse.


Skulpt Aim
Skulpt Aim


Simply looking at Skulpt Aim, one can mistakenly take it for a smartphone due to its phone-looking features: stocky built with monitor and well just as handy as the next smartphone. Observing it closely, the gadget reveals plastic body in thin, semi-transparent bezel.  Thegroove permits light from the inside of Skulpt Aim to be reflected outside.  Skimming through the sides, we can find various navigation keys working closely with the user interface of the device which is revealed to the screen in front.  Flipping Skulpt Aim, we can definitely see the metallic sensors that serve as the real workers when it comes to measuring fat and muscle percentage of the handler.

Skulpt Aim
Skulpt Aim



Generally speaking, one must have a smartphone in order to gather and record data, but Skulpt Aim can also be used autonomously. To connect it with your smartphone, just download from Google Play Store Apple Store.  For measurement, all we have to interact with the UI first through the screen and choose which muscle we want to gauge or simply choose ‘Total Body’ option.  Sprinkle the sensors with little water and press against the muscle you’ve just indicated via the interface.  Then, it commences its computation and reveals what muscle state you currently have ranging from amazing, fit, average, needs improvement to unfit.


With all its perks and coolness factor, one can’t deny that Skulpt aim isn’t just for everyone.  In a somewhat expensive price of $200, if you’re not particularly serious into fitness, then give yourself the benefit saving up your bucks.