Smart Air Conditioner

Smart Air Conditioner – Relative Details

On hot and humid summers, it’s but natural to turn on your Air Conditioning units.  But then again, if you’re on a household under budget, using the AC may mean a strain to your budget.  If you’re one to think of saving money on bills even if it means spending a unit with a little heftiness on the side, then consider what Volta has to offer.

Smart Air Conditioner
Smart Air Conditioner


Currently, Volta’s All Weather Smart AC is one of the leading smart air conditioner in the Indian market.  Tagged with ‘all weather’ on its name, of course, there’s a reason behind it.  The AC offers cooling or heating benefits and about 63% savings on your electricity bill.


All the products in All Weather Smart AC range is equipped with the latest air conditioning technology—Insta cool compressor and Smart dehumidifier.  Volta’s ‘All Weather Air Conditioner’ sports an advanced filter capable of eliminating bacteria and virus-containing dust, giving you cooler and cleaner air.  The unit is also eco-friendly R410 refrigerant which simply means that it does not damage nature while providing you that much needed comfort.


For easy remote access, all you have to do is to download its smart app (Voltas All Weather AC Remote) right on your smartphone. It also provides you with the weather update along with the suggestion of which best mode suits the current weather.  It can also act as a power calculator wherein you can compute your energy consumption with the AC unit.  So this actually helps you more in the budgeting area.


Volta All Weather Smart AC is available in any major electronic store near you.