Smart Helmet

LIVALL Bling Helmet : The Must have Smart Helmet for Cyclists

Cycling is a healthy transportation option for some of the people.  For some, it is a means of sweating it out for fun.  For others, it can be a serious sport.  Having said all of these, it is but reasonable to give cyclists their perfect partner.


Introducing the Bling Helmet by LIVALL, the first smart helmet that does not only offer safety but entertainment, fitness tracking, social media integration, emergency communication and smart signalling functions all in one sleek head gear.  It also comes with Bling Jet remote ,Livall phone mount and Nano Cadence sensor.

Smart Helmet
Smart Helmet



Bling Helmet History and Design

The smart helmet was conceived when LIVALL’s CEO and Co-Founder, CTO Yong Liu, met an accident wherein he fell off and broke his arm.  He then realized the modern cyclist’s need for a smart helmet that would not only serve as a protective hat but also as a wonderful piece of technology.


Thus, Bling helmet is then equipped with LED light direction indicator system that serves as hand signals and a built-in gravity sensor that can detect external strikes and immediately alerts the emergency contacts during the accident.


Bling Helmet as Partner in Fun

Okay, so you love music during your cycling time.  No need to attach your headphones or ear plugs.  Bling helmet has a built in entertainment system comprising of Bluetooth speakers and wind-resistant microphones.  Enjoy your music streaming, phone calls and a walkie-talkie way with co-riders with Bling helmet.  While you’re at it, share the fun of your experience via social media.


Bling Helmet and the Terrific Nano-Cadence Sensor

LIVALL saw to it that Bling helmet shares a spot in the fitness tracking device industry.  The maker installed the smallest cadence sensor (recorded as the world’s smallest currently) responsible in tracking the rider’s data statistics like gradient, speed, slope rate and altitude.


Bottom Line

If you’re a techie serious about security and protection while being fit and conscious at the same time, LIVALL’s Bling helmet is exactly for you.  Currently, the company is in their crowdsourcing time period of which they offer an enticing price for early birds.  Grab the opportunity to have your very own Bling smart helmet for mere $99 through LIVALL’s Indigogo page.