Smart Water Bottle

Smart Water Bottle for Rehydration : Hydrate App

Yesterday, we talked about two different developments regarding the so-called smart diapers. (Not to mention our article about smart clothes which Google started through Project Jacquard.)  This time, we can talk about the purpose and benefits of having a smart bottle handy.


Dubbed as HidrateMe, the smart H2O bottle does what exactly what it says by its name.  Like smartwatches and smart diapers, this bottle interacts with your smartphone through Hidrate app.  It collects data of your water intake and signals you when you need to drink by simply glowing.

Smart Water Bottle
Smart Water Bottle


For busy-bodies, drinking water is something that’s often neglected.  Engrossed and completely concentrated on our tasks, we forget our 8-glasses-a-day health responsibility.  With HidrateMe, we can keep in track of our water intake… it’s a big help actually.  Help incarnates as prevention against colon and bladder cancers, aids weight loss and reduces confusion.


A HidrateMebottle capacitates 710mL water and can be washed to be used again.  It is made of Bisphenol-A free Tritan plastic and has a sensor stick within which serves as a tracker.  It also has a battery with a year-long lifespan and you don’t have to worry replacing it because it’s easy to find.


According to the HidrateMe creator, Nadya Nguyen,they even enlisted the help of the big personas in the fitness world to help them spread the word about this smart bottle.  These people helped a lot for the Kickstarter launching.


Currently, its sales performance surpasses what has been anticipated.  It has reached $41,000 against the $31,000 target and there’s more or less 41 days to go.


For people who are interested in purchasing HidrateMe bottle, it comes with a $39 price tag on Kickstarter.  You can choose among 5 available colors: obsidian black, iceberg white, ocean teal, bamboo green and crystal pink.