Smarteefi Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip

Smarteefi Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip Now Priced at Rs. 2,499

Even though we’re now living in the Internet age, when it comes to gadgets, we all know that electricity is still the best one. What’s the use of your ultra-fast iPhone if it doesn’t contain power, anyway? If that’s the case, it will just tend to become an expensive paperweight.

Smarteefi Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip
Smarteefi Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip


Power surges are quite a problem nowadays so we must make sure that we are prepared for it. Needless to say, aside from buying power-saving devices, we must also secure our gadget’s safety by using various equipment containing power surge-suppressing capabilities. This is where Smarteefi Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip comes into scene.


To those who didn’t know, the Smarteefi Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip isn’t just your ordinary power strip. Even though it looks like your ordinary spike buster, this comes with power surge protection in addition to its power sockets. Needless to say, this one protects your gadgets from sudden power surges while supplying it with much-needed power at the same time.


What’s remarkable with Smarteefi Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip is that it uses its cloud-based features in order to control power in its three different sockets. This enables the power strip to control the entire device itself. By cutting off its power, the Smarteefi Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip can turn the entire device off. This feature is very acceptable especially if you tend to charge your smartphone at night. By setting the power socket’s operating time via an Android App or via their Website, you can turn the power socket off, therefore preventing the overcharging of your smartphone. Once the power socket’s corresponding LED indicator turns green, it means that the power strip now controls the incoming electricity, therefore enabling you to control the overall power remotely.


Aside from being able to control power remotely, it’s very good to know that the company behind the making of Smarteefi Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip also takes necessary network protection measures in its product. As a matter of fact, the internet communication between the Smarteefi SE315A and its cloud service is encrypted by 128-bit AES encryption, the strongest network encryption as for the time of this writing. In addition to that, the communication is done via Secure Socket Layer or HTTPS. The network configuration can be done in a few minutes. Once done, you can safely plug any device in its power socket without any problem.


As of now, the Smarteefi Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip is now being sold in India at the price of Rs. 2, 499.