photoshop screenshots

How to Make Your Smartphone or Tablet Screenshots into Photorealistic Images

There are a number of ways for you to convert your screenshots into a set of photorealistic ones.  While capturing them can be pretty easy using your Android, Windows, iPhone or iPad devices, making them suitable for your presentation, website or Appstore listing can be tricky.


photoshop screenshots
photoshop screenshots


As you are going to use the screenshots for the purposes of presentation, might as well prep it up to look presentable.  Also, it is important that the device frames of these images inform which kind of device was used in capturing them.  Now, we have listed some ways in how to convert your screenshots into gorgeously photorealistic images.



  • Adobe Photoshop for Windows and Mac and Pixelmator for Mac come right on top in offering services wherein you can add hardware device frames and mockups. Just head to Dribbble and look for freebies PSD <mobile name> and you will be provided with generous list of mockups.


  • Handskit has been created by the Facebook team and an app that you can readily use void of restrictions.


  • There are apps like Frame, Magic Mockups and Dunk over the web that you can also use for this feat.


  • If you’re Google fanatic, you can opt for its very own Device Art Generator that can really give you a quick and easy vector of device frames for any Android phone or tablet.


  • Scenery comes free for every Mac user that can be used to convert screenshots into photorealistic and professional-looking ones.


  • You can also utilize to convert your raw screenshots into a processed one. All you have to do is to send the screenshots as attachments and within a minute or two, they will be able to send you the output.