Soen Transit XS

Soen Transit XS – Specifications and Price

Soen Audio has come up with an impressive looking and quality performing Bluetooth speaker with a quarter inch tripod mount.  Mind you people, we are talking about a portable Bluetooth speaker here and it’s under the name Soen Transit XS.  You may be wondering with the lines, “Yes, it’s a portable Bluetooth audio instrument with a ¼ mount.  So what’s the big deal with this Transit XS?”

Soen Transit XS
Soen Transit XS


As seen in the visuals, Transit XS may not be exhibiting a unique design language but is pretty much of a commoner among Bluetooth speakers.  However, its compact factor and clean, distinct lines appeal more on the practical side of the consumers.  Plus, you don’t need to worry if water or juice has been accidently spattered on the speaker as it is splash resistance.


It features the basic option button, power switch, volumes up and down, 3.5mm audio input, micro USB port and battery level LEDs which can be located just around the sides.  Soen has given the frontage a clean space exclusively for the speaker grill.  Talking about its audio quality, we can say that it gives off pretty much clear tones made possible with the help of slight bass tones from Soen’s very own Momentum Port.  Volume-wise, it emits quite respectable amount of volume inside a room but it lacks the reach for outdoors.


Transit XS’ maker cleverly makes the speaker accessories available in various price points.  Since they want to make this as a suitable bicycle companion, they also offer GorillaPod, a fastener that works with the tripod mount.  Having it in tandem with a mobile gadget is made possible and comfortable via built-in NFC.  You can then connect the speaker with your device even at a distance of up to 20ft.  Mind you, within this range, Transit XS still performs impressively.


For a mere price $130, you can experience the benefits of a Soen Transit XS.  This is $30 more compared to its direct competition, the Samsung Level Box Mini.  Yet, the latter doesn’t have the innovative ¼ inch tripod mount.