SOL Republic PUNK

SOL Republic PUNK Review, Price

SOL Republic has built up its name entwined with not-so-conservative styles of their audio device products.  Yes, the company is yet pure audio device manufacturer at least ranging from headphones to speakers.  With the company’s recent development, it’s now revolutionizing its speaker devices to have Bluetooth connectivity.  It is yet safe to say that their main market power is due to the oddity of their product designs.  However, that seems to change in the near future.

SOL Republic PUNK
SOL Republic PUNK


Sol Republic PUNK has earned applauses this time as it sports another eccentric design— square with rounded edges.  At first glance you may dismiss the audio device as a child’s toy, but the device evidently offers more than just what meets the eye.  The rubber coating does not only make a statement of good feel in your hands but also serves as a protective barrier should a fall happens.  With the mentioned material, it renders this diminutive audio gadget resistant to elements such as shock, dust and water. It is also offered in seven attractive colors more suited for the youth (or should we say, youth at heart?)


Up front, PUNK bears its brand, while around its sides are various control keys such as volumes up and down, multifunction keys, Bluetooth and—of course—the power. Opening the flap side, the auxiliaries (in and out) and USB ports are securely concealed to avoid damage from water splashes. Despite the oddity, the design is practically well-thought about.


Talking about its audio attributes, PUNK is obviously at its best in terms of bass quality and in small, confined premises. If you’re expecting it to echo sounds in larger spaces, our little oddball might let you down.  Overall, the qualities seem to be justified with its $70 price tag.