SOL Republic Shadow

SOL Republic Shadow – Specifications and Price

Just yesterday, we brought you Parrot Zik 2.0, a premium pair of headphones that is jam-packed with features everyone is just excited to meet.  While it might be tough to say if Sol Republic Shadow can do the cut to be considered a worthy rival withZik 2.0, the brand’s pride is something worth having. Luckily, this pair is purchasable at the price of $100.

SOL Republic Shadow
SOL Republic Shadow


SOL Republic Shadow bears the design akin to LG’s array of Tone Bluetooth headsets.  It can sit comfortably just around your neck and perform what it was made on the first place. The flexible band gives a sharp contrast with LG’s headphones that have a bad position of slumping awkwardly.  Cooler yet, Shadow’s material enables the band to survive wetness caused by the weather such as rain or sweat.


Positioned at the flip side, right section of the band, seats the power button.  Multifunction button that’s sandwiched by the volumes up and down buttons run lengthways the top edge.  There’s a LED light connectivity indicator in the inside area. At the left, you can see the microUSB port underneath which is wittingly covered with plastic flap.


Audio quality favors lower audio ranges and heavy bass which is something that most people find for earphones or headsets.  Though mid and high ranges are not repulsive, they are something which you shouldn’t expect so much about. The highest volume can summon enough crisp without distortion and that’s decent enough.


Battery life is something you should be happy about for it can keep the device open and functioning for up to 8 hours.  Shadow is a certified good companion for any active individual desiring to be accompanied with music as means to relaxation and warm up.