Sony E2003

Sony E2003/E2033 Smartphone with 64-bit MediaTek Chipset

Thanks to GFX Benchmark, we now know that we are expecting the successor for Sony Xperia E3.  The model we are all waiting for is dubbed as Sony E2003/E2033 and exhibits a diminutive 4.6-inch qHD display of 540x960p resolution.  It was tagged as an occupant of midrange seat and is justly so since it has promising hardware underneath its exterior.


 Sony E2003
Sony E2003

The chipset within came from SoC 64-bit MediaTek that comes with quad-core Cortex-A53 clocking at 1.5GHz.  Enhancing the performance are Kitkat 4.4.4 OS (with Sony UI), ARM Mali-T760 GPU and 0.8GB RAM. Other features include a 4.5GB internal storage and LTE support that goes with the chipset. SIM-wise, there will be an offering of two variants—one with single SIM slot, the other has two SIM openings. Sony E2003/E2033 exposes a 2mega-pixel front shooter that is also capable of catching videos with 1600x1200p resolution. Meanwhile, the back-facing shooter has 5mega-pixel sensor and can video-shoot with 1080p resolution.


We can see Sony in the 2015 Mobile World Congress Event on March 2.  It is not yet conclusive if Xperia Z4 can make it to the said event but E2003/E2033 is sure to be there to take place in mid-stream places. Did we ever mention that apart from the chipset and screen display, E2003/E2033 and Xperia Z4 are almost duplicates? It is noted that Xperia Z4 has a slightly larger screen of 5-inch and a lower speced processor of 32bits based on Cortex-A7. Anyway, it will be just a matter of few days before MWC so let’s just watch out for these two models.