Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony Smartwatch 3 Price, Review, Release Date

Sony Smartwatch 3 has taken the limelight of CES 2015 conference with a promise of now-only-heard features one should not miss.  While the smartwatch does not cater to the modernly stylish crowd, the classic simplicity of the stainless strap suits just fine.  Sony Smartwatch surely embodies class and substance.

Sony Smartwatch 3
Sony Smartwatch 3


While Sony has not announced its market price, many are speculating on a 300 bucks price tag ($300) for the strap and “watch” head.  As it is, the stainless strap can be availed should someone deem it necessary to buy it.  However, the separate purchase for the strap is not yet determined, not could be estimated.  Furthermore, the giant device-maker is presently working on a revolutionary centerpiece for Smartwatch 3 that has the ability to work with any 24mm strap, too.


Now, for the most anticipated bonuses– Sony Smartwatch 3 is the only Android Wear with readiness Wi-fi connectivity.  Since it’s the first to own such ability, we may need to wait a little bit for it to be enabled. Sony is still furnishing wrap-ups with partner companies for software apps (such as Golfshot and iFit) and other paraphernalia to get along with their futuristic watch.  With it, the wearable android has its own GPS and NFC (Near Field Communication).  How cool does this one sound to your ears?


Noticeably, too, Smartwatch 3 still bears the 1.6”LCD display of 320×320 pixels resolution. It has been updated, really with the stainless strap.  The 420mAh battery is still present; and so do Bluetooth 4.1 and 4GB memory aspects.


Sony Smartwatch 3
Sony Smartwatch 3


Sony Smartwatch 3 Specifications

  • Display : 1.6” LCD, 320×320 pixels resolution
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-fi
  • Memory : 4GB
  • Battery : 420 mAh
  • Other perks : GPS and NFC
  • Strap : Stainless