How to Build your Own PowerPoint Teleprompter

A teleprompter is a tool that most TV Newscasters use nowadays. It is a very useful tool since the persons involved doesn’t need to memorize an entire script. Instead, they will just read the entire script, provided that they read it correctly.




In terms of hardware, a teleprompter is actually a monitor that is usually propped-up in front of a camera so there’s definitely no need for the newscaster to look around, besides the front of the camera itself. In software terms, there is too much useful software out there that does the scripting purpose. However, if you’re not that much of a spender, well…you can also use your Microsoft PowerPoint instead.


  1. Make your own PowerPoint Slideshow first by typing the necessary scripts that you’re going to say. In order to see your script, just use white colored fonts at the biggest possible setting (depending on the monitor’s size) in black background.


  1. After typing out your lines, go to ‘Animations’ Tab in PowerPoint and add the Lines animation. Go to the effects and set ‘Up’ as the animation’s direction.


  1. Open Animations pane and double-click the slide’s text box in order to open the Effects dialogue. Set the Smooth Start and End timing to 0 seconds while setting the animation duration to 50 seconds next.


  1. Reduce the zoom to 20% so the entire slide will become visible. And lastly, press F5 in order to play your Slideshow. You have just finished your teleprompter.


However, if you’re not that satisfied, you can either change the timing or fonts.