The CEO of Motorola confirmed the plan of $50 smartphone

If you think that Motorola’s Moto G was the only budget smart phone that was even worth the price, then hold it, there is something new coming son. After the huge success of Moto X and the budget phone Moto G, Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed that an even more affordable smartphone would be launched soon.

Motorola Phone $50
Motorola Phone $50

He said that in a lot of countries, a cheap budget smartphone like the Moto G also costs $179 which is quite a lot of money but now, they are working day and night to come up with a phone which is much more affordable and assured that why cannot a smartphone be worth only $50. It can definitely be possible and they are thriving to make it happen.

It would be better that their statements are not judged and manipulated because they were capable of delivering a pretty good phone at a very low price. Yet, it would be interesting to see how and when Motorola delivers a smartphone of $50. Smartly, Dennis Woodside did not disclose any other specifications and smartphone details except for its price. Being a smartphone, it can be expected that it contains latest software.

Dennis Woodside also mentioned that they would be bringing a change in their budget phones and introduced an entirely new segment but when it would be concerning high end smartphones, they would be bringing enhanced customization options. It is also suspected that it is not only Motorola that is behind this concept, it is also Google; the current owner of the company also has planned strategies for a longer term. Google wishes to connect everyone to the internet which is not a bad idea for those people by simply lowering the prices of the smartphone that falls in their budget.

For all those who do not find it affordable to buy a $179 smartphone like the Moto G should definitely opt for the upcoming solid smartphone that will also have the latest software in spite of it being a budget phone.