Smart Locks

Top Three Must-buy Smart Locks for your Home

Nowadays, technology is constantly making things easier while keeping us secure at the same time. Starting from smartphones and tablets, cars and other things that employ a chipset now features other useful things. This technological innovation is also being used in order to secure our home from intruders and unwanted guests. At first, home security only revolves around alarms, security cameras and motion sensors. And right now, even your home’s safety locks are now using this technology. This is made in order to make your home more secure.

Smart Locks
Smart Locks


There are many smart locks that are available for purchase in the market. However, we should make sure that these smart locks are safe enough before being used. And just like before, you must only choose the best ones out there, especially if you have all of your valuables inside your house.


Cutting long introductions short, listed below are three of the best smart locks as of this date:

  1. Kwikset Kevo (Available in Amazon) – Kwikset Kevo’s SmartKey Security prevents potential intruders from using methods such as lock picking and other forced entry techniques in order to have access inside your home. Upon touching the lock, Kwikset Kevo automatically opens even without actually bringing your smartphone out. In addition to that, it will also prevent others from entering without your permission, even if you happen to leave your smartphone inside your own home. The only downside, though, is that Kevo doesn’t support iOS.


  1. Master Lock Bluetooth Outdoor Padlock (Available in Amazon) – This outdoor padlock may look like your old-fashioned padlock. However, it features bluetooth connectivity and is known to secure everything, especially your own home. In case that you lost your smartphone, you can just enter the required directional code in the padlock’s keypad.


  1. Ultraloq UL3 (Available in Amazon) – Just like other smart locks, Ultraloq UL3 uses your own smartphone as the key. It means that you need to download and install the corresponding Ultraloq app in order to use it. What’s more convenient is that it uses Bluetooth Low Energy Technology, a feature which keeps on working even during power or internet outage. Ultraloq also lets you manage users, clone profiles and log everyone’s smartphone that enters your home. In addition to that, it uses three AA batteries so replacing the worn-out ones will be an easy thing to do.
Smart Locks
Smart Locks