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Torque Audio t096z Earbuds – Price and Details

Maybe you will understand the need of a pair of in-ear phones when you’re commuting or on a long travel.  There’s this privacy or exclusivity by experiencing the music (or any audio file) in your mobile device with those pair.   Having said the purpose, you may be interested with what Torque has to offer with its Audio t096z Earbuds.  These six pairs of earbuds were customized to give their users a different kind of experience.

Torque Audio
Torque Audio


The ear phones themselves are made of full brass which safely houses the 9mm bio-cell membrane and diaphragm transducers.  It has enough weight and solidness to make up its premium factor.  But those weren’t the only factors that constitute the $330 earbuds set.


As mentioned earlier, there are 6 different settings for our newest favorite ear phones.  What we have as dubbed are “TorqueValves” which are 6 various kinds of earbuds.  They are the ones to optimize our audio experience (cool, eh?).  Audiot096z allows you to screw and unscrew them anytime you wish to change settings.  For example, you have a rock music playlist, the ‘clear’pair can take care of the audio quality of that music type.  On the other hand, if you want hiphop, you can easily switch to the ‘balance’ TorqueValves.  You may also be excited to know that you’re not limited to the valve labelling.  Be free to use the six pairs for a single music and get to know the different effects of each pair.


While ordinary music lovers may be taken aback by the $330 price tag, those who are sensitive in audio quality may just be thrilled for this concept of Torque.