Transloc App Iphone

Transloc App Iphone to Force Its Way into Jailbroken IOS Devices

You might be happy when your IOS device got jailbroken for it opens to a lot of good opportunities and increase of potential.  However, take a look at the idea of it.  When you remove the iron doors that holds your device’s confinement, it will be exposed—yes—to freedom, but it will also be susceptible to other elements as well.

Transloc App Iphone
Transloc App Iphone


Talking about such elements, we can still clearly remember about the news of some people who designed and created a hardware that can force its way through the PIN lock of an iPhone.  The diminutive, black box doesn’t choose whether our iPhone runs in the latest OS or if it is not yet jailbroken. Using this box, its user can perform cutting of power to the iPhone device.  Since the power is cut, the system cannot record the failed attempt of providing the wrong PIN code.


Just recently someone by the name, MajdAlfhaily, has developed the application software called TransLock that can use brute force to make access into device running in iOS. Furthermore, it can only work on jailbrokeniOS gadgets.  TransLock works differently from the said tiny, black box. While the box cuts the power, the application can merely override the limit of retries so the program can simply work through the various four-digit codes as per 5 seconds. Thus, it can attempt again and again until it succeeds in getting the right combination.


Of course, since we already have the knowledge that there are existing applications such as this, we can counter this trouble through providing a strong password.  While there are no guarantees that someone won’t get through our device, at least we tried our hardest in giving him an equally hard work, too. By the way, just so you know TransLock can be acquired from gateways like GitHub.  Sooner, according to the creator behind the app, the devious app is to be distributed to anyone who’s interested to use.