Turbo Editor Android

Turbo Editor Android – Reliably Cool Text Editor

Searching for a text editor after your own heart?  There’s no need to look beyond the premises of Google Playstore.  Within its great confines lies the reliably cool Android text editor developed by Maskyn, the Turbo Editor.

Turbo Editor Android
Turbo Editor Android

Picture this: you’re a busy, on-the-go developer, blogger, internet marketer or advertiser who has an uber-reliable assistant of an Android but lacks the right software to meet your most important need—a text editor.  Do you still need to bring along that big bulk of a laptop everywhere you go just in case there’s a follow up emergency text editing?


Turbo is the best thing you can ever find for an Android text editor.  It has been endowed with material design suitable for Android smartphone and tablets to support various text files you imminently need or ever think of.  It is also equipped with typical features known to developers and programmers such as syntax highlighting for most coding languages and line numbers.


Not to be intimidated by errors, Maskyn had it all handled with features such as Undo and Redo buttons.  There’s also the life-saver auto-save and read only modes just in case.  Ah, and don’t forget about automatic encoding detection so you won’t face any cryptic symbols which might have come from the time of ancient Egypt.

Of course, there are also the basics like file and folder management just inside the app premises; and a markdown viewer.  Plus, you can also move Turbo Editor—should it acquire large files—from your internal storage to your external SD card.

And are you ready for the most thrilling information about our coolest and most reliable Android text editor in the skin of Google Play Store?  Turbo Editor can be acquired sans fees… gratis… it’s free!