How to Turn On ‘Send Last Location’ Setting on Your iPhone Device

An iPhone device is a pretty hefty investment as we all know.  Since, you spend quite a good sum of hard-earned cash (unless you’re filthy rich), it’s just logical for you to take care of it in a way akin to ‘as if your life depends on it’ fervor.  It’s understandable if you guard it that way.  Why, money aside, there might be your contacts, backup files and documents inside its hard disk.  Your picture-perfect memories with loved one sure have their own space within.  We talk about financial, practical and sentimental investments here.  Accumulated as a whole, that’s a great deal of asset you put in there.

Turn On ‘Send Last Location’ I phone
Turn On ‘Send Last Location’ IPhone


To avoid this horrible dilemma, you can enable your Find My iPhone capability right on your iPhone device.  Aside from this, you have to be ready all the time and that means don’t forget to charge your smartphone before it dies of exhaustion. But what happens when you really had a bad day and you forgot to charge your iPhone then it was lost?Do you give up on it easily?


This is where the new ‘Send Last Location’ feature on iOS happens. When your juicer is near running out of energy, it sends GPS location of your iPhone device to Apple.  Hope against hope that you got internet connection either via cell or Wi-Fi connectivity.  Through this, the percentage of you getting your iPhone back is boosted up.


Not only has this helped when you need to find your phone.  In case you were lost or kidnapped, this feature serves its best. With the information sent to Apple’s server, authorities can be able to track you down or at least get some clue of your whereabouts.



  1. Head to the Settings app and choose iCloud.
  1. Next, simply tap on Find My iPhone.
  1. From there, you can enable Send Las Location by merely switching on the control knob. Now, just make sure that Find My iPhone is also enabled and you’re all well here.