Two People Can Use One Computer Simultaneously


Have you ever wondered if you and your friend can share your computer simultaneously?  If you have two computer monitors, two keyboards and two mice, then the answer would be a resounding, “Yes!”  You can work on your own project and your friend can do his or hers.


Two People Can Use One Computer Simultaneously
Two People Can Use One Computer Simultaneously


Note: You do not have to add or buy any additional hardware to make this setup work.


Don’t think that this setup has something to do with Microsoft Multipoint or dual screens for it is not.   The two computer monitors will act as two different computers.  That is, two people can work on different computer tasks on their own at the same time.


How is this made possible, you say?  Userful, a free software program and a Linux Live CD on that matter, makes this endeavor very possible.  All you need to do is to acquire the copy, burn it on a CD, play it and start.  Here are the benefits you and your friend may have if you have Userful:


  • Surf, visit or log in to different websites
  • Work on different documents, files and presentation
  • Access different personal emails, chats and messages
  • Access different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…etc.
  • You can play computer games while your friend can work on his or her school project.
  • Both of you can access common devices like scanner, printer, speaker, camera, etc. attached to the computer though that would be one at a time.


So if you are ailing that you don’t have extra budget to have another PC unit, then this is the perfect solution for you and your buddy.





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