Ubik Uno

Ubik Uno : Asian New-comer with Solid Specification Line-up

Ubik Mobile has 15 years of experience on its portfolio for creating cell phones around the globe.  It has its international team of engineers from Seoul, South Korea and Shenzen, China. This year, they come up with their flagship phone in the body and essence of Ubik Uno, the new-comer with certain kick.



Ubik Uno
Ubik Uno


What We Consider Great

                Okay, considering thekickstarter price of $280, an aluminumunibody is a luxury that we can see in the likes of Apple.  Guess, we were rather surprised that Ubik can come up with this kind of material and sell it in a budget price.


According to the brand, they will be selling Uno exclusively direct from their website in order to avoid bloatware and unnecessary carrier requirements. With a low cost, many may be enticed to grab their own copy of the model.



What We Consider Unsatisfactory

                We must point out again that this is a flagship phone. And what flagship phone this 2015 doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor installed right in front of the model, huh? Further, only the 4G LTE variant of Uno comes unlocked by default.



Given the blend of midrange and high-end components to make up the whole handset (not to mention the $280 promo price),Ubik Uno is definitely a must-try.




  • Dimension :not yet available
  • Display : 5.0” IPS screen, 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution
  • CPU       : 64-bit MediaTek, 2.2GHz Octacore processor
  • OS          : Android Lollipop 5.1
  • RAM       : 3GB
  • ROM : 16GB, expandable up to 64GB via microSD slot
  • Camera  :  20MP autofocus primary, 5MP front
  • Price : $280 –kickstarter price; $350 – retail price