Unlock Your Android Smartphone Using Fitbit

How to Unlock Your Android Smartphone Using Fitbit or Any Trusted Bluetooth Device

Admit it, even phone security measures in our smartphone devices can be a real pain.  But if you truly care for your security, you take enough patience in your pocket and do the right thing.

Unlock Your Android Smartphone Using Fitbit
Unlock Your Android Smartphone Using Fitbit


To balance out accessibility and security factors of smartphone, developers begin with their efforts to device new ways.  We heard about fingerprint scanning from iPhone and Samsung devices.  We heard about retina scanning in Fujitsu attachable and Vivo X5Pro. But what do we do when we don’t have those advance and much coveted security features?


Enters the Smart Lock features of the hottest Android version, the Google Lollipop. It’s one smart security measure that recognizes the facial features of the device’s owner. Yet, not all of us still have the opportunity of having a Google Lollipop device, do we?


Now, don’t sulk and stress yourself. Good thing that Fitbit exists! Or if you don’t have any Fitbit device, then get what you must—any dependable and trustworthy Bluetooth device will do. Using Fitbit (or any trusted Bluetooth device) you can easily unlock your Android smartphone. How do you do this seemingly stupendous ‘magical trick’? Head on to the set of instructions below:



  1. If you haven’t done setting up your Security Lock (pattern, passcode or PIN number), then head to Settings>> Personal >> Security and do your own thing.


  1. Be sure that you already enabled the Smart Lock security feature on your phone. Open the Settings Menu>> Personal>> Security>> Advanced menu options>> Trust agents.  To enable the Smart Lock option, just tick on the box beside it. Back to the Screen Security, select Smart Lock and enter your password, PIN number or Pattern.


  1. Turn on the Bluetooth connection of both your smartphone and Bluetooth device. It will save you time if the two were already paired up. But if they still weren’t, then pair them up without much ado.  Next, proceed to Smart Lock menu>> Trusted Devices>> Add Trusted device>> Bluetooth and choose Fitbit or whatever Bluetooth device you wish to be connected with.