Window 10

Update Window 7 to Window 10 Possible ?

A month from now, the most anticipated Windows 10 is going to be launched.  However, there has been a confusion regarding who can benefit the upgrade.  If you have Windows 7 and later as OS, you might be asking this question: Am I eligible for a free upgrade of Windows 10 or will I have to pay for the license?


Customers bearing legitimate copies of Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1 in their computers can have Windows 10 as a free upgrade—that’s official.  Sorry for folks who got pirated copies of the said OS or those who still have Windows Vista or XP.  You, guys, will have to buy the latest version and perform a clean install.

Window 10
Window 10


The free offer upgrade comes in limited time only.   From July 29, the will tick until the full span of a year is consumed.  After that, those who weren’t able to make the deadline will have to pay for the price.  The Home license version comes with a $119.99 price tag; whereas, the Pro version comes with $199.99 marker.


Asking about the perks of the updated Windows, the first one to be cited is Microsoft Edge browser.  Yeah, you surely heard it right—Microsoft scratched good ol’ Internet Explorer.  Windows Phone users won’t only see Cortana on their mobile handset but will interact with her on their laptops or PC’s.  Additionally, Skype comes as a pre-installed application with the OS


By the 29th of July, 119 countries will experience Windows 10 simultaneously.  If you’re running Windows 7 or 8.1, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a notification pop-up telling you that Windows 10 is already on the roll and is ready to be downloaded.  For those who won’t see the pop-up message, do not worry as you can simply check on it by clicking the window icon.