VAIO Smartphone

VAIO Smartphone Price, Specs, Release Date

Ever heard the news when Sony sold off its rights on VAIO brand to Japan Industrial Partners?  Since then, rumors have been spreading from different sources that the buyer of VIAO planned to have their own line of smartphone and devices and will include the VIAO name among them.  Now, they are not just rumors but a certified fact.  On March 12, the Japanese manufacturer will be officially launching the very first smartphone of VAIO—of course, their name will be making the rounds of it, too.

VAIO Smartphone
VAIO Smartphone


As they are yet about to show off their trade, Japan Industrial Partners did not reveal the phone specifications as of this moment.  However, this leaves us to freely think about what are the chips working underneath the exterior.  Starting off at the chipset itself, we expect that the first VIAO smartphone will have the 64-bit Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 chipset those clocks at 1.2GHz processor.   To top the performance and features, the handset might have the latest Android 5.0 (Google Lollipop) for its debut.  In front, a 5-inch capacity display of 720p can be the face of the handset.


Other features to wait for are 13MP primary cam, 5MP front cam and 16GB of internal memory.  Now, that may be the key components for the eldest VIAO model we envision.  March 12 is fast approaching so we can read more about this model.  Hopefully, we can catch its name before the actual date of debut.