Vector Luna

Vector Luna – Best in Battery and OS Compatibility

Experts know that as of year 2015, Apple watches had grabbed over 50% of Smartwatch sales while 10% was shared by other Android Wear ecosystem, therefore leaving little room for those new companies who had just entered the Smartwatch market. Vector, a London-based company, is one of these and Luna is its latest Smartwatch creation.

Vector Luna
Vector Luna


Featuring a flat bezel Grayscale E-Ink panel, this is a rather simple Smartwatch compared with watches such as Moto 360 Sport and Samsung Gear S2. However, this is compatible with the three major OS environments: Android, iOS and Windows, therefore giving it a slight advantage with smartwatches that usually offer at least two on the maximum. You can set up at least four or five ‘streams’ on the watch face, which can be customized by means of up and down buttons located on the right side. Eight apps are available in Luna, though you have to delete some vector apps in order to install them.


It is also noticeable that because it doesn’t contain any LCD or touchscreen display, this is somehow unimpressive, especially if you’re used to touching and swiping your Smartwatch most of the time. On the other hand, unlike the ‘scream’ notifications of other smartwatches, Luna gives you a solid white line display along with a little vibration.


It is mostly impressive on the battery side due to the fact that its screen only uses minimal power resources and few apps. As a matter of fact, the battery can last up to 30 days, which can also be charged with a little magnetic charger provided along with the Luna.


This one comes at a price about $299 and $399 in the U.S. depending on the model. However, if you’re looking for a rather ‘simple’ Smartwatch, this is definitely the perfect one for you.

Vector Luna
Vector Luna