Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality – Definition and Explanation

Aside from robots, there is another technological concept that people really get curious and fascinated at the same time; that is, Virtual Reality. Technically speaking, Virtual Reality is a kind of computer-generated environment that somehow ‘persuades’ is user to accept it as a real one. This experience somehow interacts with humans’ two of five senses, the Visual or sight and Audio or sound.


Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality comes into different forms. The simplest one is a three-dimensional or 3D image while the most complex (and complicated) one is a computer-generated environment which allows its user to have an interactive experience. This is usually accompanied by various wrap-around screens, wearable computers, haptic devices or all of the above. The screen provides the visual effects while the haptic devices provide the sound and sometimes, feeling.


As of this time, we all know that Virtual Reality Technology already has many uses, especially when it comes to education and games. For years, various armed forces such as the U.S. Air Force are using virtual simulations for their pilots. This is somehow practical since there’s no need for a trainee to crash a multi-million dollar fighter jet aside from potential medical expenses.


Due to the fact that lots of research and devices are now being made by various tech giants, there’s no doubt that the time will surely come that this feature will become a part of the so-called ‘reality’. When that time comes, there’s a possibility that movies will also employ this technology in screenplays.