Vivo X5 Pro

Vivo X5 Pro – Leaked Photos and Relative Details

Just last time, we had been surprised by the photo leaks of  upcoming Meizu MX5.  This time though, Vivo has something to share on the spotlight—itsX5Pro model.  Reportedly, this smartphone features a retina-scanning camera that improves security measures of the upcoming model.  We first hear this offer with Fujitsu’s clip-on accessory about 2 months ago, but it was limited only as mere smartphone attachment. It seems that Vivo has beaten the giants (namely, Samsung and Apple) in providing us a phone with better security feature this time.

Vivo X5 Pro
Vivo X5 ProThe purported Vivo X5Pro leaked image showed quite a clear message regarding its front-facing snapper.  A 32mega-pixel front-facer is quite a feat, but for it to be intended as a mere selfie picture… surely there’s more for it.  So the retina scanner sounds logical explanation for this.  Plus, according to their teaser- post in their Weibo spot, a smartphone with eye recognition technology (or Eye ID) is just around the corner.


Setting aside this fuss about retina-recognizing security feature, X5 Pro also has curved 2.5D screen technology for its front display, a Type C USB connector and 3500 mAh juicer. Underneath, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset is a more probable power for Vivo’s pride. Just to authenticate things perhaps, Vivo stamped its name across the bottom fascia of X5 Pro. Anyway, as Vivo’s upcoming event on May 7 is fast approaching, let’s just cross and fingers until the big day.  With any luck, this teaser issue will finally unfold.