Windows 10 for Smartphone

Windows 10 for Smartphone – Leaked Images

It looks like that it won’t be long enough before we could actually benefit from the new OS version of Windows. The Redmond native looks like its cooking something for the upcoming operating system for their smartphones.

Windows 10 for Smartphone
Windows 10 for Smartphone


It’s not yet final but Windows 10 for phones with build 10070 looks graphically cool but could be a drainer to the phone’s juicer. Besides, the design could even juice out every pixel on the screen with its Live Tiles.  Thanks to the leak source who allegedly took the screenshots from Samsung ATIV S, we had an initial look from what Windows is currently working out.


Basing from the handset model with 4.8 inch display screen of 720p resolution, the upcoming version of Windows can project standard size tiles on four side by side arrays with narrow borders in between to serve as margin. While the effect would look cute for a smaller screen, it is expected to be astounding on mammoth size displays.  Let’s face it… such design is intended to exploit the graphics.


The limited visuals and info regarding Windows 10 could leave our tongues wagging.   However, as it is currently in the state of development, we could all hope for the best outcome. Hopefully, the progress is not only limited to the skin-deep graphics but would also come with a better substance for multi-tasking and making lives more comfortable.  After all, smartphones are made not to be mere models of beauty but more of a reliable assistant with a gist.