windows 10 mobile phone, Windows 10 OS for Smarthphones


Photo leaks right from the China have been spotted to circulate around the net world showing off the Start Screen of Windows 10 for smartphones.  While the pictures display Chinese characters–we won’t mind them, though—the background image as well as the group tile headers is very apparent. Other images flaunt the “Settings” folio     of the latest Windows OS for smartphones powered by the Redmond giant.

windows 10 mobile phone
windows 10 mobile phone


The Xbox tile headers are categorized into two groups as indicated in the picture.  The titles in Chinese are translated into words “Start” and “Office”, correspondingly. As we are already familiarized with the symbolism of icons, we know where each would lead us.


Nevertheless, some authorities can’t just stop contesting the authenticity of the said leaked images.  They commented that the Xbox tile should have been translucent and not the opaque boxes exhibited in the images.  If these photos are genuine, though, the translation for the Settings states that the smartphone users with Windows 10 mobile OS will be able to save more battery life and make modifications to the cellular radio.


Let’s not be too aggravated about these leaks as Microsoft is said to hold an event two days from now (that is January 21) to officially launch Windows 10 for Smartphones.  As reported, the event will take place in the Microsoft’s native land that is Redmond, Washington.  Until then, we should wait for the proper debut of Windows 10 mobile OS.

windows 10 phone
windows 10 phone



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