Withings Go

Withings Go – The Company’s Latest Wearable

For the past two years, health and fitness enthusiasts have consulted the help of modern technology not only to improve their health, but to monitor their daily activities also. Wearables, modern men’s solution to this problem, had recently dominated the market, promising various features such as heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, body mass index calculator, etc. Aside from having these expected features, these wearables are also expected to have an OS companion app, therefore letting its users view the data in their PCs or smartphones.

Withings Go
Withings Go


Withings, the company behind Activite, the connected watch that was released last summer 2015, has announced their newest activity tracker during the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show three days ago. Their latest wearable, which they called Go is a simple wearable that can track your running, walking and other motor activities and shares that data in its Android or iOS-compatible app.


The Withings Go features an e-ink display that doesn’t just offer you your much-needed health tracker; it also acts as a wristwatch that lets you check your activity time. It also indicates how much battery time is left in your watch (which is about eight months) while showing your activity progress at the same time, which can be seen by hard pressing the screen. The fact that it’s also water-resistant lets you do your activities without worrying that your hard-earned perspiration will affect the wearable itself.


If you’re the type that is not used to wrist straps, you can remove the actual unit from its silicone wrist band and place it in the included belt clip frame or even a key chain. Rest assured that you can definitely use the wearable without necessarily wearing it as it is.


The Health Mate companion app, which is available in Android and iOS platforms, will keep track of your walking, running, covered distance and burned calories in addition to your sleep monitoring. You can also add up a GPS tracking or food logging feature if you desire.


As of this time, Withings Go has a selling price of $69.95 and is available in Black, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow wrist and belt pieces. It will be available for purchase starting in the first quarter this year.