Worldwide Samsung smartphones were maximally sold out in the year 2013

We all are aware of the continuous releases of smartphones worldwide from different global mobile manufacturers. But interestingly, Samsung stole away the largest share from the market pie in terms of sale of smartphones worldwide. Sales of global smartphones crossed 38% because of the increased demand for low-priced mobile phones in various emerging nations like China and India that took the volume to go beyond one billion unit benchmark in the year 2013.

samsung smartphones
samsung smartphones

As per reports, the global shipment of smartphones rose to 38.4% which made it cross 1,004.2 million units in the year 2013 from 725.3 million units in the year 2012.

Samsung was the leader when the shipment was tallied and it led with 313.9 million and thus conquered the market share by 31.3%. Apple followed Samsung and its count came to 153.4 million units which made it conquer 15.3% of the market share and surprisingly Huawei followed Apple on the third position with 48.8 million units which made it take away 4.9% of market share. At the fourth and fifth position were LG and Lenovo with market shares of 4.8% and 4.5%, respectively.

Nearly one billion units of global smartphones were shipped in just one single year of 2013 which is a breakthrough in the market of smartphone. Smartphones alone were responsible for 55.1% out of the total mobile phones shipped in the year 2013 and it went up from only 41.7% in the year 2012.

Vendors sent a shipment of a total of 284.4 million smartphones worldwide in the fourth quarter which was 229 million units shipped in the fourth quarter of the year 2012. There has been a rise which stood at 24.2% in 2013.

As per reports, cheap phones ever have been attracting headlines but now, it is only cheap devices that actually drove the sales and volume.

In 2011, the worldwide smartphone shipment had stood at 494.4 million units but this value doubled in just two years which depicts a strong aspect of user-end demand and even strategies implemented by vendors to bring the smartphones in limelight.