Z-Wave Smart LED Bulb

Z-Wave Smart LED Bulb : Modern Way of Lighting Your Home

We know that the world is getting high-tech and this isn’t only exclusive on gadgets and cars.  Name it, and you get the “smart” technology equivalent you want to have.  Everything is getting accessible via the tips of your fingers.  At this juncture, we want to introduce the latest offer of Piper among its myriad of accessories in their all-in-one home security system—the Z-Wave Smart LED bulb.  This bulb is not only a LED bulb that is quite fashionable in this era, but is also remotely accessible and can be adjusted in a variety of shades.


Z-Wave Smart LED Bulb
Z-Wave Smart LED Bulb


The Design and Light Shades

Nothing’s extraordinary with Z-Wave smart LED bulb.  In fact, it looks like a normal light bulb that’s not endowed with smart technology.  However, it is considerably lightweight, wireless and emits light shade according to your whim.  For instance, you want your bulb to cast a bright light in the same color as the sunlight that comes through the windows of your room, then you can simply adjust it instantly.  If you want the soothing warm light during the nights, then you can have it.


For better understanding the play of light shades, you can visit this site.



Connectivity and Performance

It is extremely easy to connect this bulb if you already have an existing Piper security set up.  You can consult your Piper portfolio for the Z-Wave accessories and simply follow the instructions.  The companion app enables you to access the adjustments in no time.


Since this bulb is connected to the Piper’s system, you can remotely access it (like turning it off or on even if you’re not at home).  It greatly comes handy most especially if trespassers with nasty intent welcome themselves inside your abode.  Another setting allows the LED bulb to be turned on automatically as motion is detected by Piper’s security camera.




Pricing is close to most of the available alternative light bulbs on the market today.   At MSRP of barely $30, it’s a great complement to your Piper security system.

Z-Wave Smart LED Bulb
Z-Wave Smart LED Bulb