ZAGG Pocket Keyboard

ZAGG Pocket Keyboard – Details and Price

Whether you admit it or not, tapping away in your tablet or smartphone can be one draining task.  You need your full focus on the screen with the coordination of your fingers.  Surmise to say, you can’t actually multi-task even if you wanted to.  Physical touch is something that has been left and it’s really more of visual experience.  Out of this important need come the different handy and supporting keyboard devices.  ZAGG Pocket in particular surfaces from the mass of the same kind.

ZAGG Pocket Keyboard
ZAGG Pocket Keyboard


ZAGG Pocket is a perfect travel companion of your smartphone with its folding-hinged design that can be formed in a thin and rectangular outline.  You don’t need to worry of the space it would occupy on your backpack.  Despite the form, it accommodates the desired QWERTY layout (complete with directional and number keys we must add) where our fingers can happily tap just right in their corresponding positions.  Multi-tasking becomes very apparent with this promised touch.


Connectivity-wise, it can work with your smartphone via Bluetooth.  Surprisingly, it has a flappable part where you can simply put your smartphone and—voila!—it can be an instant monitor.  You can then choose between having your smartphone in landscape and portrait position.  Whatever conveniences you is what ZAGG Pocket supports.


At the price of $70, you can get the benefits of ZAGG Pocket.  Now, this may be a little pricey but with the form, touch and offered convenience the cost is nothing greater.  You can get your writing almost anywhere where it conveniences you sans the heavy bulk.  You may think of laptops and netbooks but the tandem of ZAGG Pocket and your smartphone is a wonder!