Zagg Universal Keyboard

Zagg Universal Keyboard Price, Specification, Detail

Zagg is known to produce keyboards and other mobile devices meant usually meant to aid iPad.  While it also offer devices compatible for Android slates, one can’t help but ask: Why not make something that can work on both? Enters the new Zagg Universal keyboard. It is a new piece of innovation of Zagg that is enabled by Bluetooth connectivity and is really flexible to a wide range of devices such as Android, iOS and Windows powered gadgets.

Zagg Universal Keyboard
Zagg Universal Keyboard


This universal keyboard is ultra lightweight almost to the brink of thinking that it is an empty plastic sheet.  Yes, this one’s made of plastic causing it to be prematurely dismissed as something… well, cheap. While it lacks a solid feel we are looking for devices as costly as $70.00 worth our sweat, we can always opt to take a look at the brighter side of it.  Aside from its portability aspect, one of the positive features of this keyboard is its cover which can be easily converted as universal stand. Quite handy and practical, one must say.


Gliding your fingers through the keys, it acquires smooth fluidity with precision as the keys are spaced to accommodate the fingers.  Additionally, you can also see the line of short-cut buttons (for copy, paste… etc.) along with navigational keys, reminiscing the keypad features of a smartphone. You will soon find your fingers comfortably typing your texts away.


Expressing about the battery life, Zagg confidently claims that their Universal Keyboard lives up to three months max before you can recharge it.