Zeblaze Miniwear Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch

Zeblaze Miniwear Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch: Now Being Sold at $37.99

Are you looking for a brand new and elegant smart watch? Right now, a flash sale is being done in Gearbest site for Zeblaze Miniwear Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch. The elegant-looking smart watch is now being sold at $37.99 and it’s free for shipping if you’re in the United States area.

Zeblaze Miniwear Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch
Zeblaze Miniwear Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch


Endowed with the company’s thoughtful and graceful line, the Zeblaze Miniwear presents very irresistible classics, whose surface remains the same with its bridge shape. In order to give you a more prominent display effect, Zeblaze Miniwear uses a 1.21-inch IPS touch screen, which has a display resolution of 240 x 240 and has a 3D capability. Featuring a MediaTek MTK2502C solution, the Zeblaze Miniwear has a bigger memory, 60% faster response speed and 30% lesser power consumption. As of the time of this writing, the Zeblaze Miniwear Smart Watch is the most prominent wearable MTK solution, giving you the possibility to satisfy your needs in a quick and more efficient way.


In addition to that, the Zeblaze Miniwear’s design became a possibility because of the unique pattern of its crocodile-skin wristband. Matched with the alligator strap, the Zeblaze Miniwear is definitely an elegant solution, looking vey vogue and contracted.


If you’re somewhat worrying about its charging capability, be informed that the Zeblaze Miniwear uses a magnetic suction charging interface feature. Just by putting the charger close to the watch back, the charging joint will be attached in place by the magnet, therefore making charging easier. In addition to that, the Zeblaze Miniwear has an IP rating of 65 because of its rigid design, therefore ensuring you that it’s well-protected against dust and water immersion of up to five meters for at least fifteen minutes. However, despite that water resistance rating, don’t keep it a habit of submerging it in your swimming pool, though.


Taking a look at its health monitoring features, the Zeblaze Miniwear Smart Watch has an accurate heart rate data monitoring, giving you an accurate real-time feedback in guiding you to become physically fit. In addition to that, it is also possible to take photos by means of its Bluetooth camera. This gives you the ability to take photos anytime and anywhere with ease. What’s more amazing is that you can also use Zeblaze Miniwear Smart Watch to answer your android smartphone calls without getting your phone inside your pocket. This gives you more security, especially when you’re in a crowded street.