ZTE Nubia Z9

ZTE Nubia Z9 – Leaked Photos and Specifications

Sometimes, you get irked with spoilers… but admit it, spoilers like this one makes us feel more excited than not knowing about it. As MWC 2015 tradeshow looms ahead, a possible picture of ZTE’s flagship, the ZTE Nubia Z9, just leaked out flashing a huge screen and A-class build.


ZTE Nubia Z9
ZTE Nubia Z9

Looking at the photos, we can get a preview of the metal frame and a suggestion of top-class material for its framework. The ultra-slim bezels suggest a much wider screen with good amount of body vs. screen ratio. We surmise that it bears glass covers from the looks of it, but we’re not actually sure about that.  At front, the 5.5-inch touchscreen display so we expect better viewing for this Nubia flagship. Nubia Z9 is also keeping the signature red circle home button of Nubia moniker.


Since we can obviously see quality framework here, we can guess that ZTE can at least opt for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset or MediaTek’s latest MT6795 OctacoreSoC. We’re hoping for the latter as it exceeds the multi-core performance of Qualcomm’s silicon chipset.


Now, speculating about the release date for this handset, it is apparent that it will go on sale in China before the year ends.  As we all know about the partnership of ZTE and the giant online retailer, JingDong Mall, it highly expected that the Nubia model will be sold there.


We don’t have much of the info but that’s only for now.  Comes MWC 2015 and we’re sure to be filling up the details for you to know.  Keep tuned in for more information regarding ZTE  Nubia Z9 right here.