NFS Underground 2

NFS Underground 2 – Story’s Surprisingly Short

The Need For Speed (or NFS) series are really great: Racing fanatics are really amazed starting from the cars up to the gameplay itself. The Underground Series really rocks, though. As for the movies, you can almost compare it to “Fast and the Furious” and “Tokyo Drift” since it’s all about racing and car culture.


NFS Underground 2
NFS Underground 2


It is somehow very exciting to expect that the NFS Underground 2 would be the title for the next NFS Installment. The cars, gameplay and even the race tracks are more awesome than ever. However, it is also noticeable that the storyline and the dialogues are sort of crappy, though.


Need for Speed’s story features the character as the new kid who magically hooks up with a crew of racers and takes the racing world by storm. The characters are somehow likeable and the dialogue’s kind of cheesy, if not for the story being pointless. Aside from the actors spewing memes besides from acting cool, there’s nothing important in these scenes. In most cases, you’ll just press the start button so you can start the race. The most important thing, though, is for the vast collections of cars and customizations to choose from. From the ever-present ford series, one can also notice the latest BMW car series, along with the very cool Lamborghinis.


The gameplay, as a whole is somewhat solid. The handling model, unless you tap the e-brake is sort of tight. However, you can customize or tweak the game to play according to your desires by means of customization options, aside from having separate dedicated setups for racing or drifting or both.


The price, take note, depends on the game console that you use. However, if you’re interested, the price ranges from $10 up to $40 in eBay.