How to Play Pokemon Go Basic Tips

How to Play Pokemon Go: Basic Tips

Just last week, announcements regarding Pokemon Go had made the online community start a commotion. As of now, talks and speculations about the game are frequently surfacing the internet, therefore easily promoting the game and persuading most users to download and install the game on their android. There are also pre-release leaks of this game, thereby forcing Google to ban some countries from downloading and installing this game. Because of this, the Pokemon fans living in those banned countries are very disappointed.

How to Play Pokemon Go: Basic Tips

Setting the news aside, playing Pokemon Go can be somewhat confusing for those who had played the game series throughout their lives. The truth is, if it weren’t for the pokemon, pokeballs and some of the in-game items, Pokemon fans won’t even consider it as legitimate. However, whether you’re a Pokemon fan or not, you’ll definitely enjoy this game nonetheless.


Listed below are some of the tips that you’re going to need while playing Pokemon Go:

  1. Know the basic Modes of Combat. If you’re a Pokemon fan, you must have known that your Pokemon attacks by means of moves that are listed on the set. However, on Pokemon Go, you can do the attacking by tapping the enemy pokemon on your screen and swiping in order to evade its moves. You can activate your pokemon’s special attacks by holding your screen.


  1. Raise your level by gaining experience. Unlike the usual experience gained from pokemon battles, you (the player) gain levels either by catching pokemon, gym battles and pokemon stops. And since those can’t be done in one place, you have to walk around, which can be somewhat frustrating for some.


  1. Attain Level 5 as soon as possible. Once you reach level 5, you are now entitled to join a team, therefore enabling you to do various gym battles.


  1. Don’t forget to check the rival gym’s prestige. Before doing any gym battles, make sure that you check its prestige. Needless to say, the higher the gym’s prestige is, the tougher your rivals will be. Taking over your rival’s gym can be done by lowering its points. This is achieved by battling and defeating the gym’s available pokemon.


  1. Don’t forget to visit PokeStops. PokeStops usually offer various surprises such as pokemon eggs, experience and pokeballs. Needless to say, just tap and swipe that landmark and see what it gives you.


  1. Evolve your Pokemon. If you’re a Pokemon Fan, you must have known that evolution makes your pokemon stronger. However, unlike in the Nintendo Game Versions, evolving your pokemon requires you to catch more of that kind. Once you accumulate a certain amount, it will give you some candy, which you can use to evolve it.

How to Play Pokemon Go: Basic Tips