PowerA Fusion Pro

PowerA Fusion Pro – Way Cheaper than Microsoft Elite

Microsoft’s Elite Controller for Xbox One is the most recommended controller for gamers out there. And because of this reason, they’re mostly not available. Aside from those, they are usually out-of-stock and costs $150. However, PowerA, a third-party peripheral maker, promotes Fusion Pro, an Xbox one controller, at a cheaper price.

PowerA Fusion Pro
PowerA Fusion Pro


The Fusion Pro Controller’s body just looks like a standard Xbox One controller, just with sharper angles in front of the hand grips. The case consists of black plastic with a mild feel. An embossed PowerA Logo can be found in the front left grip. The glossy black plastic, however, forms a rounded triangle shape but doesn’t extend to the top of the controller. The Fusion Pro’s D-Pad also resembles the standard Microsoft one but slightly stiffer and doesn’t stand out like Elite and Wildcat. This one also contains Elite’s controllers, along with some cool lights. Rather stiff buttons enable you to make your fingers stronger in the process along with easy-to-program features.


The analog sticks, on the other hand, are noticeably thicker and 1mm taller than the Microsoft Elite itself. The tops are about 9mm greater than the Elite’s default tops and textured edges simple ensure you that it’s going to be dirt-free. The stick tops, though being two centimeters wide, isn’t that unbearable. However, this does not remove the fact that you can adjust to it, though. If you’re a somewhat ‘normal’ player, this controller will definitely suit you. It also features easy-to-use trigger buttons, which can also fire up your gaming experience.


However, in most gamers, especially the ones who use Elite and Razer Wildcat controllers have said things otherwise. Pointing out the controller’s wired instead of wireless feature; this somehow limits the player at a distance in front of the LCD Screen, therefore reverting yourself in the Sony Playstation Era. But despite that fact, you can somehow think of this as a practice controller. And at the price of $79.99, who’s not going to take a feel of it?