Dying Houseplants What is the Reason

Dying Houseplants: What is the Reason?

Nowadays, most people (especially those who live in cities) keep plants inside the comforts of their own home due to various reasons. Some claim that taking care of plants is an effective stress-reliever. Others claimed that plants bring lively ambiance inside your own home (especially ornamental ones). But whatever the reason, all people agree that having plants inside your house is definitely a good idea.


Dying Houseplants: What is the Reason?

Most of us think that taking care of houseplants is an easy thing. What most of us don’t know, however, is that taking care of houseplants is a difficult task. This is the main reason why most houseplant owners become very frustrated after seeing their beloved houseplants die after a month or two.


Listed below are the most probable reasons why houseplants die:

  1. You always forget to water it. Even if you are taking care of a cactus plant inside your home, you still need to water it. Regardless of the houseplant, always keep in mind that you have to water it if you want it to grow.


  1. You must have watered it too much. Being a common mistake when it comes to taking care of houseplants, pouring too much water will also cause harm to it. This is because of the fact that the houseplant’s roots cannot absorb all of the water that you’re pouring in.


  1. The soil isn’t enough. Just like outdoor plants, the indoor ones (especially houseplants) still grow. Needless to say, you have to make sure that you can provide it with enough ground in order for its roots to get every nutrient that it’s going to need. Be informed also that not all houseplants need to be re-potted after seeing them grow after a year.


  1. It is not getting enough sunlight. Even though most houseplants easily adapt to imperfect lighting conditions, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need sunlight. Take note: Every houseplant needs sunlight so you have to let it out once in a while.


  1. The soil is not fertilized anymore. The problem with potted plants is that it easily consumes all of the available nutrients inside its soil. In this case, it is usually recommended that you have to fertilize the soil at least every six to twelve months. But if the problem still persists after doing this, just change the houseplant’s soil with a new one.