Gerbera Daisy

Five Must Plant Daisies for Your Own Garden

Most people in countries such as the U.S. know that when it comes to flower gardening, daisies are definitely a must have. This is because of the fact that daisies do have different colors in addition to the fact that fresh daisies bring unsurpassed beauty to everyone’s garden. And when it comes to flower picking, daisies are usually everyone’s choice, especially among children.


There are many varieties of daisies that are being planted nowadays. However, listed below are the most popular daisies that can be found in almost everyone’s garden:


    1. Gerbera Daisy – Actually a South African native plant, the Gerbera Daisy can be planted in a container garden. These daisies prefer morning sun but still, full sun can also be tolerated in places with cool climates. Taking care of these requires you not to pour water over the leaves since moisture promotes fungal growth in these areas.

Five Must Plant Daisies for Your Own Garden


  1. Painted Daisy – Painted Daisies (Tanacetum coccineum) is known to grow up to two feet tall in every sunny or semi-shaded garden and blooms flowers during early summer. However, once the fern-like leaves start appearing, you must carefully watch out for leafminers and aphids.


  1. English Daisy – Usually referred to as common daisies, the Bellis perennis is usually compared to a common weed because of its well-known vigor and self-maintenance. These daisies are somewhat popular with those who live in places with cooler climates. Growing these plants require you to sow its seeds during the fall in order for it to bloom during springtime.


  1. Shasta Daisy – Know as the cross-breed of oxeye and various wild daisies, the Shasta daisy (Leucanthemum x superbum) is named after Mt. Shasta in California. Most popular cultivars of this daisy include Phyllis Smith, Becky and Banana Cream, in addition to the widely-sold Alaska variety. Usually, its flowers bloom in a rather lengthy season when compared to other daisies. However, be careful to note that these kinds don’t like having their roots wet most of the time.


  1. Oxeye Daisy – Being a native flower in Europe, oxeye daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare) are usually considered weeds in the U.S. and other countries where it grows. Known as popular wildflowers, oxeye daisies are known for their increased drought tolerance, therefore enabling them to withstand dry seasons without wilting. However, be informed also that planting oxeye daisies are being prohibited in some states so make sure that planting these is allowed in your own place. Make sure that you can supervise its growth, though.