Flowers to Give for Every Birth Month

Flowers to Give for Every Birth Month

It is somewhat traditional for some people to give jewelry or accessories to their loved ones as a gift for his or her birthday. What makes it more special is that some of these people are creative enough to think of giving jewelry containing the birthday celebrant’s birthstone. Needless to say, if that person is creative enough, expect that you’re going to receive diamond jewelry if you were born in the month of April, Garnet in January and so on. However, despite all of these, there is one problem that needs our full attention: aside from being expensive, there are limitations when it comes to giving precious stones to your loved ones. So whether you like it or not, you have to stick with your country’s laws when it comes to this.

Flowers to Give for Every Birth Month
Flowers to Give for Every Birth Month


Instead of giving precious stones, you can make someone’s birthday more special by giving flowers that correspond to his or her birth month. Compared to jewelry, the most expensive flower in the local flower shop is considerably cheaper. In addition to that, you can even take good care of it, provided that most flowers usually grow from stem cuttings.


If you’re interested, these are the flowers that represent every birth month:

  1. Carnation for January – Aside from being popular during our parents’ day, you can also give carnation flowers to your loved ones that are born in the first month of the year.


  1. Violets for February – Considered as Birth Flowers for the month of February, violets are popular to most women because of its color.


  1. Daffodils for March – Giving live daffodils planted inside a basket to March birthday celebrants will make sure that the flowers will live up to two weeks or longer.


  1. Daisies for April – If you want your Shasta or gerbera daisy gift last longer, cut the lowest part of its stem diagonally before it into the water. Your loved ones celebrating their birthdays in this month will greatly appreciate it.


  1. Lily of the Valley for May – Aside from being a favorite of nobles and royalties, this Biblical flower is also a symbol of beauty and purity. Its springtime fragrance also makes it a perfect gift for birthday celebrants on this month.


  1. Roses for June – Even though roses are more popular during Valentine’s Day, you can also give these to June birthday celebrants without worries.


  1. Larkspur for July – The Delphinium or Larkspur prefers cool places in order to promote growth despite being a perennial flower.


  1. Dahlia for August – This bold, tall flower is well-known for having lots of colors and varieties so choosing gifts for your loved ones will be easy.


  1. Aster for September – Giving asters to those who celebrate their birthdays for this month is definitely a must-try.


  1. Marigold for October – This low-cost flower is usually given as a gift in form of creative bundles.


  1. Chrysanthemum for November – Available in orange, yellow and red colors, giving this flower to birthday celebrants in form of corsage or bouquets are most welcome.


  1. Poinsettias for December – Aside from being a Christmas plant, poinsettias are a perfect gift for those who celebrate their birthdays in December.