Grow Your Vegetables Indoors

How to Grow Your Vegetables Indoors

In countries that experience four seasonal changes, it’s a common sense that people don’t plant fruits and vegetables during winter due to the fact that the cold weather will no doubt kill it. However, the fact remains that there is a possibility to grow some vegetables even during winter, though you must do this indoors.

Grow Your Vegetables Indoors
Grow Your Vegetables Indoors


If you’re interested, these are some of the vegetables that you can plant and grow indoors, along with some important tips:


  1. Carrots – Even though you must stick to the obvious fact that the only carrots you must grow indoors are the small ones, you can plant this inside a long container or even a window box. In order to grow one, make sure that the carrot seeds are partially covered with damp peat moss in order to prevent crusting and drying the seeds at the same time. It takes about two weeks to germinate, though it depends on the carrot variety to reach maturity.


  1. Garlic Greens – Planting this can supply you with fresh green sprouts and a plant box with at least four inches deep soil is all you need. Just let the sprouts grow at least 8-10 inches long before harvesting.


  1. Hot Peppers – Using a container that is at least 8 inches tall, you can plant the seeds in late summer before bringing it indoors for the winter. This ensures that the plants will have fruit in winter time, though not that much.


  1. Salad Greens – Lettuce and the like have shallow roots and are easy to grow. Sow them inside a 2-4 inch deep soil, cover and sprinkle a little water every day. Allow the leaves to grow at least 4-6 inches tall before you start harvesting.


  1. Microgreens – Plants such as basil and kale can be grown inside a 2-inch deep soil. Just sow the seeds, cover it partially with soil and keep it moist. You can start harvesting the leaves once it has grown 2 sets of true leaves.


  1. Scallions – You can grow scallions indoors by keeping its root and soaking it in water until the roots grow a couple of inches. After that, plant it in a shallow soil and let it grow.


  1. Tomatoes – Start a new plant from seed by planting it in a shallow soil. Once the seedlings are about 3-4 inches tall, transfer it in a plant box where it can grow. Always make sure that they get at least 10 hours of sunlight every day.