How to care for flowers -

How to care for flowers – 11 steps

Flowers are one of the most beautiful thing on earth.  It reminds us of happiness, vibrance and different colours of life.  It takes time and effort to care for your flowers and it will also help you learn gardening.  Flowers get smile to our faces and almost everyone appreciates them a lot.  There are certain method to be followed if you want to enjoy your flowers for a longer time.  Just follow the below steps and enjoy the colors of life at ease.


How to care for flowers -
How to care for flowers –


ü  Vase or cut flowers:  Change the water regularly.  Usually the bacteria in the water makes flowers wilt fast.  So, the best thing to do is change the water once a day.  Use luke warm water.

ü  Treat the water:  You can treat the water with which bacteria will not form in the water.  This is done by adding two tablespoons of sugar, apple cider vinegar, or even a penny at the bottom of the vase can keep your flowers looking fresh for long.

ü  Take care of the stems:  Each flower has different types of stems and different types of stems need different type of treatment.  One of the basic thing to do is to trim the stem on a regular basis.  Split the bottom inch of the stem so that it will absorb more water.

ü  Keep an eye on the temperature:  Keep the flowers in a place where there is neutral temperature. Else if it is too hot or too cold the flowers will wilt faster.

ü  Remove excess leaves:  Remove leaves, flowers or branches which would fall below water line.

ü  Use pot with proper drainage

ü  Check for pests and molds in the soil

ü  Use the right soil

ü  Maintain good watering routine

ü  Increase the pot size if necessary

ü  Protect them from excess sun

Follow all these points and you will have the flowers blossoming for a longer period of time and your garden will also be vibrant with different colorful fresh flowers which will please not only you but also your friends.

How to care for flowers -
How to care for flowers –