How to Grow Roses from Seed

How to Grow Roses from Seed – 12 steps

Planting roses using the stem-cutting method is an easy method compared to planting it with seeds.  Yes, you can plant roses using its seeds.  This method is not common for rose growers but if you’re up for a challenge and new way of planting roses, then follow the steps in this tutorial.

How to Grow Roses from Seed
How to Grow Roses from Seed



  1. You can get the seeds by extracting them from rose hips. Now, rose hips are only developed by letting an unplucked rose flower wither on its place.
  2. Once they are ripe (from green, they turn red, purple, brown or orange), you can finally pluck them from their stems.
  3. Cut the rose hips open and carefully extract the seeds using the point of a knife or tweezers.
  4. Be sure to wipe off the pulp from the seeds as it will only prevent the seeds from germinating. So, put the seeds on a sieve and clean using running water.
  5. Put the seeds on a damp cloth or paper towel. You can also use vermiculite or peat moss.
  6. The seeds need to be stored in a fridge for a couple of weeks. To store, put the damp cloth, paper towel or seedling tray inside a plastic bag and place inside a vacant crisp drawer.  Don’t put it together with the vegetable and fruits as these release chemicals that can hinder the seeds from developing.
  7. Check on the seeds once or twice a week to dampen them by moisturizing them with few drops of water.
  8. After a couple of weeks, you are then ready to plant the seeds. Prepare a seedling tray and fill it with sterile seed starting mix. Don’t use regular soil as they only cause the seedlings to rot.
  9. Punch holes of about 6mm deep and place the seeds. Cover with the starting mix and wait for sprouts after a week.
  10. Keep the seedlings in warm but moist soil, keeping in temperature of 60 and 70ºF (or 16–21ºC).
  11. Transfer the seedlings as soon as it is root-bound. When it is larger, transfer the plant(s) into a pot but do not bury the stem which was prior exposed to air.
  12. Once your rose plants are looking healthy, water it in normal basis.